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A collection of blog posts & goodies that I have found useful and continue to reference.


  • ADSecurity - Tons of red teaming and active directory resources

  • BadSectorLabs - Updated weekly with attack techniques and tooling

  • Mubix - Mubix's blog. Details attacks and research

  • SpecterOps - Specter Op's blog. New research and detailed exploitation

  • BishopFox - Bishop Fox's blog has tons of different resources! Topics such as red teaming, breaking into the industry, etc.

  • TrustedSec - TrustedSec's blog. One of my favorites, tons of good information here

  • BlackHillsInfoSec - Blackhills' blog. Lots of different attacks and techniques detailed here

  • mr.d0x - Causal Red Team & Security Research Notes from mr.d0x

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