Intruder Attack Types

Brief descriptions of each attack type in Burp Suite Intruder.


Only one payload set needs to be defined. This attack type is useful for fuzzing a number of request parameters individually for common vulnerabilities or for performing a brute-force attack against a single account.

Battering Ram

This uses a single set of payloads. It will place the payload into all of the defined payload positions at the same time. I have not found this to be useful during network penetration tests.


This attack runs through all payload sets simultaneously, and places one payload into each position. This attack is great when performing attacks such as credential stuffing against a login form.

Cluster bomb

This attack iterates through each payload set in turn, so that all permutations of payload combinations are tested. This attack is great when targeting several accounts for a brute-force attack or when performing password spraying against an org.


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