Timestomping refers to the alteration of timestamps of a file on an NTFS file system. This tactic is commonly utilized by threat actors to hide their tools on the victim's file system.

Timestomping Windows

One of the easiest ways to Timestomp on Windows is to use nTimetools:

# Check the original time
.\nTimeView C:\program.exe

# Forge a creation time/date
.\nTimeStomp.exe -F C:\program.exe -A "2022-09-17 12:18:43.0000001" -C "2022-09-17 12:18:43.0000001"

Timestomping Linux

We can simply use the touch command in Linux to modify timestamps:

# Generic usage
touch -a -t 197001010000.00 $targetfile

# Match a referenced files timestamps
touch -acmr $referencedfile $targetfile


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